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How do RPM & angle sensors work?

1 week, 6 days ago by Rafael Goldgruber

An RPM (revolutions per minute) and angle sensor is a device used to measure the motion, speed or angular position of a rotating object – usuall...
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Application of DEWETRON DAQ systems for power plant testing and dynamic model validation || Whitepaper

2 weeks, 2 days ago by Sarah

Abstract Over the past 25 years, North America has experienced several significant disruptions to its interconnected electric power system (R...
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Frequency accuracy || Whitepaper

on 5/12/22 by Sarah

Introduction In analog data acquisition, accuracy always means analog accuracy of an input compared to an accurate reference signal – done in th...
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FIR filter || Whitepaper

on 17/11/22 by Sarah

Introduction The following whitepaper introduces you to the world of FIR filters. After a short general description of digital filters, the stru...
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