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OXYGEN – Frequently asked questions

9 hours, 57 minutes ago by Raphael Wilhelmer

OXYGEN is a software for data recording and data analysis developed by DEWETRON. In this article we want to answer the most frequently asked que...
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OXYGEN 6.0 – The new era of data acquisition

1 week ago by Raphael Wilhelmer

Barely a year has passed since OXYGEN 5.0 was released and took our data analysis software to a new level. Now it is time to introduce you to th...
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Electricity from sunlight – photovoltaic

2 weeks ago by Raphael Wilhelmer

In the mid-19th century, the first power plants supplied the population with electrical energy. Over the years, power plants have become larger ...
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The calibration-process and its importance

3 weeks ago by Raphael Wilhelmer

Measuring devices makemistakes Measuring instruments should provide us with quantitative information about our environment. However, we often fo...
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