Because of its small size and weight, the NEX[DAQ] is the ideal travel companion for engineers and troubleshooters. When connected to the USB-C or Ethernet interface of any PC, the NEX[DAQ] becomes a powerful measurement system for analog, digital, counter and CAN bus data acquisition.

  • Plug & play: easy and quick setup of software OXYGEN for gapless data recording
  • Worry-free use in any situation with several power options: USB-C, vehicle board grid 12 V or 24 V, PoE
  • Ready for all environmental conditions: waterproof, fanless, high operating temperature
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NEXDAQ Firmware R6.6.1: Remote Update ( - 141.00 MB)
md5: f27ea5ae4ce538f20eeb2c01f4d8c65f
Version: R6.6.1
Releasedate: 2023-09-14

Show notes

## 2023-09-14 Release Notice DEWETRON Nex[DAQ] Firmware R6.6.1

Revision: 45fadabcfe6f627121d9a4fc8a177236070b5621

Components                      | Version
OS                              | Yocto 4.0.4 kirkstone
DEWETRON TRIONet Server         |
DEWETRON TRION API              |
NEXDAQ Driver                   |

## Files
### NEXDAQ remote update

## Requirements

## New Features and most important bugfixes:
* NEX[DAQ]-200 device support
  * Basic support for synchronization of multiple devices
## Known Limitations
* PTP synchronization sometimes exceeds correction limit (OOR) depending on network usage

## Firmwares

HW Support                      | Firmware
NEX[DAQ]-200                    | FW: x0046