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VGPS Sensors Brochure (dewetron_vgps-sensors.pdf - 585 KB)
md5: 096793ca57eb6f196a3f593a1d822a1b
Version: 11/2015
Releasedate: 2015/11/05
Language: English
SE-CUR-A110/A130 Current Sensor - Datasheet (SE-CUR-A110_A130_current_sensor_datasheet_101ex.pdf - 671 KB)
md5: 1541c7f5342120d47b54b8f93348c467
Version: 1.0.1
Releasedate: 2021/05/19
Language: English
Tape Sensor Datasheet (Tape_Sensor_101.pdf - 2.72 MB)
md5: e252bf28cfdbee68c52bd3089fe7b105
Version: 1.0.1
Releasedate: 2021-06-08
Language: English