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ModuleConfig (ModuleConfig 4.5.3 Installer.exe - 194.47 MB)
md5: 510e6c6cfa798bf71df27bc9046af188
Version: 4.5.3
Releasedate: 2016/02/17
OS Compatibility: Windows 7 | 32 and 64bit
Language: English

Show notes

Configuration tool for DEWETRON DAQP / HSI and PAD / EPAD2 modules.

(MSI adapters not supported)

OEM Programming / SDK Brochure (dewetron_oem-programming.pdf - 632 KB)
md5: 9f41142b04748f189128b22f73457525
Version: 11/2015
Releasedate: 2015/11/05
Language: English